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Azilal Rugs

Azilal Rugs

Azilal Berber Rug is a unique and striking piece of art. It is recognizable with its beautiful bright colors of red, green, but also fluorescent pink and other bright colors that are often used for this type of rug. Hand woven and knotted in pure sheep's wool, the Berber weaver lets her inspiration flow into a Berber carpet always full of patterns, Amazigh letters that give it a very singular style. For the characteristics of the Berber azilal rug of Morocco, the first one concerns the base, namely: the pure virgin wool of sheep. 

This natural wool offers the shades of white and beige that often form the background of the carpet, but this is not systematic either. The azilal fluo carpet is very common, as well as other natural wools are usually very colourful, they highlight the designs and shapes that are often compared to abstract or primitive art. 

This azilal carpet alone can be quite controversial, an aspect that oscillates between vintage and modernity, is definitely a unique Moroccan Berber carpet! The azilal carpet unlike its cousin the Beni Ouarain carpet offers a wool with shorter strands. Moreover, the weaving uses two techniques: that of weaving and that of knotting. 

Weaving and knotting can intertwine cotton threads and/or pieces of fabric, which brings even more relief to the represented motifs. 

One speaks then and in this case, about a rather recent characteristic for a Berber azilal carpet which has not finished surprising us... 

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