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Moroccan rugs

Moroccan boho

Morocco is a land of exceptionally diverse geography: the beautiful, blue Atlantic and the Mediterranean coasts, fertile plains of the Rif and the snow-coated Atlas Mountains. Some sources suggest that the history of Moroccan rugs goes back to the Paleolithic Era.

Drastic Moroccan climate was responsible for different types of rugs, and traditionally, weaving rugs was a necessity: extreme cold winters in the Atlas Mountains compelled Berber craftsmen to produce thick, heavy-pile sleeping mats and bed coverings to keep warm, while the extreme heat of the Sahara called for light flat-weave rugs (kilims) and straw or reed mats.

The weavings were also used for self-adornment, as burial shrouds and saddle blankets. Since most Berber tribes lead semi-nomadic existence, the rugs had to be easily transported, which reflected on the size of rugs and looms. The size of most of the weavings therefore did not exceed 7 feet.

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