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The Rugs of the High Atlas

Moroccan rugs

The most famous carpets are those woven by the women of the Ait Ouaouzguite confederation, which gathers eight hamlets in the territory of Ouarzazate. These rugs of high wool are characterized by their length, their narrowness and their flexibility. They are perfectly adapted to the rooms of the kasbahs, whose narrowness corresponds to the size of the transverse beams that support the ceiling. Thin, shiny, not very thick, these rugs with short wool often have a frame and a central pattern, diamond or square.

They are dominated by dark red, brightened with saffron yellow and orange, especially in the region of Tazenakht. The arrangement of the geometric patterns -- squares, rhombs, triangles, broken lines . - is more orderly than in the rugs of the Middle Atlas. These patterns are also more varied. The back of the carpets is different from the field. Thus, the bands of color that cross this back horizontally form another decoration.

The chain is often dyed in several colors, in parallel bands ten to thirty centimeters wide. The weft covering them entirely, these colors do not influence the final color of the carpet. They are visible in the bangs which stop the carpet at one end.

The weft is very fine and solid. It is also dyed in several colors, like the warp. The lower head begins with an effect of braids realized by the cordage of two large threads, passing alternately in front and behind two contiguous cords of the warp. In some tribes such as the Glaoua, the woven bands alternate with the knotted bands.

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