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Azilal rug collection

Azilal Rugs are the incarnation of freedom, creativity and beauty. They’re not limited by designs nor frames, They showcase a high-level of abstract expression that talks to all humans on the planet. Azilal rugs are all handmade Moroccan rugs that reached an international notoriety thanks to the coziness it gives a room.

Azilal rug 

The Antique Azilal rug is one of the best Berber carpets. It is the one that has different shapes and patterns in the center with mainly the black and white colors. The brown color is also used to match with the black one to result in a piece of art. The latter piece of art would make your house really fascinating. The shapes in the middle of the Azilal Berber carpet carry the letter Z in the Berber language to refer to its origin. The Antique Azilal rug can be placed in the living room in front of the sofa or in the bed room.  The Antique Azilal rug would give a fascinating look to your house and calm you down after a long stressful working day.