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Zemmour rug 9.41 ft x 6.36 ft
Zemmour rug 9.41 ft x 6.36 ft
Zemmour rug 9.41 ft x 6.36 ft


Zemmour rug 9.41 ft x 6.36 ft


Every single motif on this Zemmour rug has a symbolic significance and tells its own single story.

The name of Zemmour comes from the Berber word ”Azemmur”, meaning olive. Before settling in their location in northwestern Morocco, they were originally nomadic or semi-nomadic, and this kind of Berber zemmour rugs used to be their safe haven to protect themselves against the harsh weather conditions, especially during the winter season.

This particular handmade Berber rug is one of our best, you will love the colors and different Berber motifs on the surface, it creates a really charming atmosphere at home.           




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2.87 cm x 1.94 cm 

9.41 ft x 6.36 ft 


To extend the life of your rug and maintain it, vacuum regularly. For hard to remove stains we recommend professional cleaning.

Please contact us to recommend a professional near your location.

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